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Salford City football Club

Foundation 92

Article posted:

Truth Creative is supporting football charity Foundation 92 with its goal of using sport to improve the lives of people in Salford.

Foundation 92 is the charitable body created by the Class of ‘92 which continues to provide a means “to create positive change in the community, empowering people to reach their potential, and be part of something special”.

Truth Creative hosted a pro bono Brand Lab with the Foundation 92 team, enabling them to participate in an exercise to understand the best way to maximise the impact of the charity’s engagement with key stakeholders.

The Brand Lab is one of a suite of Truth Labs based on ‘design sprint’ methodology, combined with various exercises and workshops developed to extract key insight and turn it into successful ideas, very quickly. 

The Foundation 92 Brand Lab identified three key audiences – service users, co-delivery partners and funders – and a set of brand statements that will support the charity in maximising the impact of its goal to change as many lives as possible through football.

A Foundation 92 spokesman said:

“The insight provided by Truth Creative’s Brand Lab will be invaluable in maximising the impact of Foundation 92’s work to improve lives through sport in Salford.

“Ensuring that people fully understand the Foundation 92 proposition will be vital in engaging service users, collaborators and funders.”

Jo Scott, Managing Partner at Truth Creative, said:

“Truth Labs are a quick and efficient way for organisations to maximise the impact of their brand propositions. It was a real pleasure to support the team at Foundation 92 in achieving its goal of using sport to improve the lives of as many people as possible.

“This work will hopefully ensure that Foundation 92 is better placed to communicate its ambitions and services with a range of stakeholders, helping it to support more people in the community, collaborate with delivery partners and attract funding who are confident about what it stands for and delivers.”

Truth Creative’s Truth Labs have supported clients across a range of sectors and disciplines. By combining the power of ‘design thinking’ with the efficiency of Design Sprint Methodology, Truth Labs empower teams to define new ways to hack into real business growth.

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