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Foundation 92

Foundation 92 is an independent Charity that will focus on supporting people to improve their lives through sport!

It will have an emphasis on positive physical and mental wellbeing, and supporting people with a disability, people who are experiencing homelessness, or young people who have, or may be at risk of, committing offences.

The Foundation is proudly sponsored by 1st CENTRAL. The motor insurance company’s two-year sponsorship deal will help to accelerate the work of the Foundation, and will also see employees from 1ST CENTRAL’s Salford office supporting a number of local projects.

Registered Charity Number: 1180246

"As well as becoming professional on the pitch the club is looking to replicate this professionalism and hard work off the pitch, especially for the benefit of the local community and beyond"

Foundation 92 co-ordinator, Andrew Gordon

Foundation 92 Launch