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Salford City football Club

Stadium Sponsor

Peninsula UK

Salford City’s beloved stadium, Moor Lane, has seen big changes in recent years.
Since climbing up the divisions through back-to-back promotions, the Ammies said a fond farewell to the ground’s crumbling concrete stands and welcomed covered terraces and an expanded capacity.

And few sights are as striking as the red and white wording of Moor Lane’s new name and sponsor emblazoned on its revamped exterior: The Peninsula Stadium.

So what is Peninsula? What does it do? And why Salford City?

Peninsula is one of the UK’s premier companies, started in 1983 by Salfordian Peter Done with headquarters near the end of Bury New Road on the fringes of Manchester city centre.

The company offers HR, employment law and health & safety support services to small and fast-growing businesses across the country, as well as tax and payroll advice, employee assistance programmes, and HR and health & safety training.
From contracts of employment to risk assessments, Peninsula keeps small business owners on the right side of the law and away from an employment tribunal. With added peace of mind, employers are free to focus on what they do best—the job in hand.

Since its beginnings in Salford, Peninsula has now expanded into the furthest corners of the globe, operating in Ireland, Australia, New Zealand and Canada.
And though it’s the trusted supporter of small businesses worldwide, Peninsula is proud to champion the club from the town where it all began: Salford City.

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