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Salford City football Club

Technical Kit Partner


Kappa are the Technical Kit Partner of Salford City from the 2019-20 season after signing an initial three-year deal!

In 1916 the company named Calzificio Torinese started the production of socks.

In 1969 during a photo shooting for a beatrix swimsuit catalogue, in a backlighting shot of silhouette of a boy and girl sitting back to back, Maurizio Vitale spots the image destined to become robe di kappa’s crisp, logo.

In 1984 during the Los Angeles Olympics, technology and design triumph. The Official suits are designed with the advice of a man from Nasa, doctor Kuznetz, who, inspired by space suits, designs the suits in silver to reflect light and to keep the athlete’s body cooler.

15th January 1999, Basicnet wins the contest for the technical sponsorship of The Italian Football Federation. Kappa signs a four-year contract to supply the national team with its own technical material.

The brand is recognized as one of the leading manufacturers of the most innovative sports equipment on the collective sports market and provides high performance technical equipment. A major player in rugby (Montpellier Hérault Rugby, Castres Olympique, Aviron Bayonnais, FC Grenoble Rugby…), Kappa is also very present in European football (SSC Napoli, Real Bétis, Séville, Leeds United, Aston Villa, Angers SCO) but also in handball, basketball and volleyball.

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