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Sam Hughes, Salford City, Leicester CitySalford City is pleased to announce the loan signing of defender Sam Hughes from Leicester City.

The 22-year-old has signed a season-long deal from The Foxes, who he joined in 2017 from Chester after being named Player of the Season in 2016-17.

Also able to play in midfield, Hughes has become one of Leicester’s star youngsters and was even amongst the top scorers in the Academy. 

However now Hughes is looking forward to playing some regular first team football.

“I’ve come from Leicester, I’ve been at Leicester for two years. Previous to that I was with Chester in the Conference and then managed to get a move to Leicester. 

“I played Under-23s in my first year, we had a good season, strong season, and last year I had a few injury problems which obviously never help but I’m looking to put that behind me now and now I’m here and I’m excited, ready to go.

“My aim is obviously to do as well for this football club as I can. The history of this club over the last five or six years is unbelievable in the promotions that they’ve had, and I know the ambitions of this club it isn’t going to stop and I’m going to do as best as I possibly can for this football club and carry them on the journey they’ve already been on.

“I’d like to say I’m physical, I’m aggressive, like to be on the front foot, I like to play and use the ball in the right way, and I feel as if I’ve took many things from my time at Chester in terms of I was playing in a team that was maybe struggling and a lot of the time it was a physical battle and then I come into Leicester and there was a bit more opportunity to play and move the ball.

“I’m just looking forward to playing, I feel as if this is a great supported club, it’s in a good league and I’m just looking forward to getting out there every week on a Saturday and playing and doing the best I possibly can for the club.”

A warm welcome to Sam, and we wish you a successful stay here at The Peninsula Stadium!