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SALFORD CITY Football Club are delighted to announce the addition of the Salford City Lionesses to the club from the 2018-19 season.

Salford City Lionesses, Salford City, The Peninsula StadiumThis exciting step comes as the club continues to grow, with the First Team playing in the Vanarama National League for the first time and the Academy looking to emulate the successes of its first season.

Now going into the fourth season as owners, Gary Neville says that it was always in the plans to have a women’s team, and now is an opportune time with the launch of Foundation 92 too:

“It’s the right thing to do, we said we would do from day one. We think about launching the foundation as well, and the fact that 30% of women in Salford are inactive, so we want to try and affect that and impact people.

Gary Neville, Salford City, Salford City Lionesses, Class of 92, The Peninsula Stadium
Co-owner Gary Neville says that it was always the plan to set-up women’s side Salford City Lionesses.

“There’s an opportunity for people to come down and get involved, and we want it to be something that increases participation of women in sport, women in Salford, and also from our point of view as a football club, we want to be competitive.

“The stadium, going full time, the youth team, all the things that have happened in the last three or four years this was always on the journey for us to do, and now is the right time after four years.”


With the First Team and Academy doing so well in their early years, there will be a high bar of expectation for Salford City Lionesses according to Ryan Giggs, but he agrees that there is a significant local impact to be had:

“It’s exciting times, obviously we’re now in the National League and another promotion, so it’s a great place to be at the moment. 

“Our youth team have been really competitive this year, in their first year they’ve done really well, and now with the launch of the women’s team we’re just building. Four years now into ownership, we’re looking to build each year and do the best we can do with all three teams.

“Our expectations are the same as every team, we try our best and go as far as we can. It’s the same with the first team, same with the youth team.

“The team will impact the local area massively, it gives a chance to young women to aspire to be part of a team, it gives them a chance to work within a team, but also as an individual; a great way to keep fit.”

identifying and developing talent

The Lionesses will be proudly sponsored by Professional People Group, who we thank for their support of the team! The Director of Professional People Group, Daniel Mortell, says that it is ‘exciting times’ for both the club, the business and the City of Salford.

“We are delighted to have the opportunity to sponsor Salford City Lionesses. Identifying and developing talent is critical to our business and we recognise the importance in contributing the same in our communities through sport, especially in our city, Salford.

“It’s an exciting time for the club and we are all looking forward to supporting the Lionesses to glory!”

APPLY for salford city lionesses

Any women who feel they have what it takes to be part of the Salford City Lionesses can apply to join, and successful applicants will be invited to a trial day on Saturday 26th May, 2018.

To apply, you need to complete the Lionesses Application Form and email it back to lionesses@salfordcityfc.co.uk no later than 5pm on Tuesday 22nd May, 2018.

Applicants must be 18 or over as of July 1st 2018. Please supply all contact details otherwise your application may not be considered.

Download the application form here: Lionesses Application Form