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A bit late to this one after National Volunteers Week a couple of weeks ago, but without a significant group of people we would have no club.

Between them the committee have dedicated an unbelievable number of years of service to the club, with the longer serving members now in their fifth decade of association with the club.

They have committed their time and effort into running and maintaining Salford City, and for that we are truly grateful. Of course the make-up of the committee has changed over the years, but it is still largely in tact since the takeover of the Class of ’92 in 2014 and some of them are earning an income as well as enjoying seeing the club compete at new levels.

Leeds was only ever somewhere to pass through as an alternative way to Harrogate before the Yorkshire giants visited The Peninsula Stadium last August, and the ground itself was only a pipe dream even 11 years ago when the club pondered how it would survive after an arson attack left the clubhouse devastated.

But for everything you do, and have done before, thank you Committee!

Also a thank you to the other volunteers who still give their time to help during the week and on matchdays, including Tony and Pam in the club shop, the turnstile operators, the programme sellers and everyone else!