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Foundation 92 is proud to be working with Good Things Foundation to help the community become more tech savvy with the project ‘Make It Click’ which is funded by Google.

Over 7 million people in the UK are on the internet but are not gaining enough digital skills. These people are more likely to be seeking work or are in low-paid employment.

From June, we’ll work with people who are unemployed and digitally excluded to help build their skill sets so we can support them into further employment or enhance their current careers

We’ll either do this face-to-face if safe to do so, or offer online sessions that we can support people to access.

Our community mentors will work with over 100 people in the Salford community over a 12-month period, so they not only gain new skills, but are confident in what they do so they can improve their lives.

Jonathan Guy, Chief Claims Officer at 1ST Central, said:

“We’re dedicated to supporting the local community in Salford and are proud to be partnering with Foundation 92 on the Make It Click initiative, helping people improve their digital skills.

“We’re committed to helping the most disadvantaged in the community, such as the unemployed and those in low-paid or insecure jobs – particularly during this time of social and economic uncertainty. Equipping these people with digital skills has never been so important.

“We hope that through this new mentorship scheme we can support the most vulnerable, empowering them with the digital resources and skills they need to enhance their job prospects and succeed in the long term.”

Angela Ellis, Head of Digital Social Inclusion Delivery, Good Things Foundation, said:

“Many people lack the digital skills that could help them develop their career; be that getting a new job or promotion, using technology to keep up with new ways of working or even setting up their own business.

“But the Make it Click website gives people access to dozens of free online courses and training resources.

“Organisations like Foundation 92 do a great job of supporting people to use these resources to develop their careers and continue to thrive online.”