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Following a meeting held this morning Salford City Football Club and joint-managers Anthony Johnson and Bernard Morley have agreed to part company.

A meeting took place between the club’s management and the joint-managers but there were
irreconcilable differences around personal terms relating to contract length and performance
related matters. We tried to work through these differences but unfortunately no mutually acceptable agreement could be reached.

Gary Neville said:
The last four seasons with the managers have been the most successful in the club’s history and
a huge part of that is down to Anthony and Bernard, so this announcement is regrettable.
However after a meeting this morning between myself, senior management and the managers it
was clear there were differences between us that could not be resolved and it was therefore
decided to part ways, and whilst this is disappointing, it is the right decision for all concerned

Anthony Johnson said:
Although we are naturally disappointed we felt the time was right. To go out on a high, after
securing another promotion, makes us ready for the next challenge and although that won’t be
with SCFC, we are already excited about where that challenge will be. We have had a great time
at SCFC with a great set of players who have delivered what we asked and as a manager that is
all you want

Bernard Morley added:
We have always given everything to SCFC and although we couldn’t come to an agreement on
our future we would like to thank the club for the opportunities they have given us. The fans
have been exceptional and we will miss them but want to wish the club every success in the
National League

Anthony and Bernard’s contribution to SCFC has been significant over the last four seasons with
three promotions and an FA Cup run. They have certainly performed for this
club and have committed everything to SCFC for the last four seasons and we would like to
thank them for their huge contribution to our club and wish them all the best and success in the
future. They have been a credit to the club and fans.

First team coach Derek Egan will also leave the club. SCFC will make an announcement
regarding the role of manager at the club for next season in the coming days.

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