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Foundation 92 is delighted to announce that, following on from the success of our free essential pack deliveries, we have been given a grant of £5,000 courtesy of Forever Manchester and the National Emergencies Trust!  

We’ve received additional funding from their community support funds to continue delivering family packs and offering our support in the heart of Salford. Since July, we have delivered more than 1,250 parcels, each consisting of essential items including fruit, vegetables, pasta, tinned food, chocolate, toilet rolls, additional sanitary products and more.

Furthermore, we’ve started including activity sheets in our free packages, thanks to the support of Foundation 92’s partner 1st Central, encouraging families to engage together in physical activity to improve their health and wellbeing.

Head of Foundation 92 Tom Hutton said:

“We’re very grateful for Forever Manchester and the National Emergencies Trust’s generous donation and continued support. We’ve already seen how far these free packs can help families in Salford, so we’re delighted to carry on this initiative. 

“There’s nothing better for us as a charity to get out into the community and directly help those who need it the most. It’s a fantastic campaign to be a part of!”

Foundation 92 coach and Community Connector Ewan Peacock added:

“Delivering the food parcels is always great because you get a genuine reaction out of people and it shows what it really means to them and how it makes a difference to their day.  

“A few people have commented on how it’s made them smile, so that’s the main thing really. Even something so small like just giving some food for a few days, it really does make a difference. It’s really rewarding because it makes you feel like you’re a part of the community.”