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Salford Community Leisure have been working in the Salford community for many years.

Foundation 92 and Salford Community Leisure will be working together to provide an innovative school sports and health improvement programme.

Salford Community Leisure has been delivering quality sports coaching within schools across the city since 2005.

Together, we’ll be going into schools across the City of Salford to deliver a variety of sessions and services.

Building on Salford Community Leisure’s current offer, the Foundation will add a wealth of expertise to the partnership, also bringing Salford City Football Club into the community in a highly impactful and creative way.

Tom Hutton, Head of Foundation 92, said:

“Working in partnership with an organisation like Salford Community Leisure is going to have incredible benefits for the schools and children of Salford.

“Working together, we can help schools and families alike improve their health and wellbeing in fun and engaging ways that will have long-term benefits for our community.”

Through the partnership, we both hope to be able to support over 8,400 local children to take part in specialist health, wellbeing, family engagement and physical activity.

Chris Finch, Active Education Officer from Salford Community Leisure added:

“We’ve been delivering school sports provision for over 15 years and have significant experience of supporting schools throughout the city.

“We’re extremely excited about this new partnership, that we see as an evolution of our offer and we’re delighted to be working with Foundation 92 and provide a unique provision for schools.”

In order to achieve this, both Foundation 92 and Salford Community Leisure are currently contacting local primary schools in Salford, in order to identify how the partnership is best able to support the Salford community.

The partnership will also provide young people and families with the opportunity to take part in new initiatives, closely linked to Salford City FC’s match day activities, providing young people with the opportunity to take part in a range of enriching and beneficial family-based activities.

Jo McGowan, HR Director at 1ST Central, said:

“We’re proud to be partnering with Foundation 92 and Salford Community Leisure to help deliver this exciting sports and health improvement programme to thousands of local children around our Salford Quays office.

“We hope the variety of services on offer will help children and their families improve their physical and mental wellbeing during this difficult period, providing them with a fun and safe space for learning about health and exercise.

“This range of exciting activities – delivered in partnership with Salford City FC – will also strengthen relationships and foster community spirit, which we know is especially important with many schools having been closed and social distancing measures remaining in place.”

Schools interested in getting involved should contact: tom.hutton@foundation92.co.uk.