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Foundation 92's Online Support Hub schedule

This week sees the launch of Foundation 92’s brand new online support service which will help support people in Salford in these uncertain times.

To get involved in any of the below FREE activities, please email tom.hutton@foundation92.co.uk to get registered!

Monday 1st June

Light Chair Based Exercise Session (mid-afternoon)

If you’ve not done much in a while this chair based exercise will be suited to you! This session will be aimed at beginners and can be easily done in the comfort of your home.

Tuesday 2nd June

Sporting Memories

Working with Sporting Memories we will provide a fun nostalgia session talking about our favourite football memories! Get involved and share your most treasured moments supporting your team.

Thursday 4th June

Shake and Move

Time to get up on your feet with this exciting Shake and Move session! We’ll get the tunes going and you can have a fun exercise session through dance!

Friday 5th June

Digital Inclusion Support Hub (2PM-3PM)

Struggling to work from home? Having a hard time getting what you need out of the internet? This session is aimed at you! We will be working from 1-1 to small groups to tailor this lesson to personal needs. By the end of this session you should have some new skills to help you with technology at home!