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Foundation 92 is delighted to announce that it will be taking part in the Twinning Project, which reduces reoffending and saves lives.

The Twinning Project is a partnership between HMPS and football clubs, so every prison can link up with football-based programmes to help with mental and physical health and obtain a qualification.

From June, we’ll be working with HMP Risley by mentoring prisoners who are going to be released through a sports-based coaching programme (subject to COVID-19).

We’ll give these people the skill sets so they can positively change within society, through learning about finance, housing, decision making and building their confidence.

Hilton Freund, CEO of The Twinning Project, said:

“The Twinning Project truly believes that with the right tools, anyone can be rehabilitated.

“Our community-focused work is in line with the values of Salford City and we look forward to helping transform the lives of the participating cohort.”

Launched in October 2018 and supported by the UK’s leading clubs and footballing bodies, the Twinning Project aims to support prisoners whilst in custody and on release to help prepare them to find work outside of prison, and reduce the likelihood of reoffending.

It is known that people in stable domestic and social relationships are less likely to reoffend, which is why this relationship between HMP Risley, Foundation 92 and Salford City is important, so we can have a huge impact on their lives.

Foundation 92 will complete 10 courses over two years, working with 10 individuals each time to positively transition and make sure they don’t revert to their old ways of reoffending.

The prisoners we’ll work with will be classed as vulnerable and medium risk to society.

Jo McGowan, HR Director at 1ST Central, said:

“We’re proud to be partnering with Foundation 92 on the Twinning Project as part of our initiatives aimed at supporting people in the local community around our Salford Quays office.

“By helping them to develop new skills, protect their mental and physical wellbeing and build new connections, our hope is that this initiative will bring long-term benefits to prisoners at HMP Risley, supporting their rehabilitation and ultimately reducing reoffending rates in the community.”