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Foundation 92

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Foundation 92 is proud to be launching ‘FIT AMMIES’, a brand-new weight management programme for adults in Salford and Trafford, in line with the EFL Trust’s successful nationwide ‘Fit Fans’ model.   

Thanks to the support of the EFL Trust, Sport England and Trafford Council Public Health, Foundation 92 will be providing people with the opportunity to take part in a fun, inclusive and engaging weight management and behaviour-change programme.

Thousands of fans across the country have already lost weight with Fit Fans, and our ‘FIT AMMIES’ 12-week programme is designed to help individuals develop their confidence, skills and their knowledge, enabling them to take part in regular physical activity.

Furthermore, the programme will help develop participants’ understanding of a healthy and balanced diet whilst surrounded by likeminded people, creating peer support and social bonds that outlast the length of the programme.

Ahead of the programme’s proposed start in April, Head of Foundation 92, Tom Hutton, said:

“The power of football is a universal hook which helps to create and sustain positive impacts in the communities it serves.   

“We are proud and pleased to launch ‘FIT AMMIES’, which uses the nationally-acclaimed developed ‘Fit Fans’ model to support adults in both Salford and Trafford to create and sustain change, have fun and make new friends in an inclusive and welcoming environment.   

“I’m looking forward to following the journeys of our participants as they enrol and progress within the programme.”  

Jonathan Guy, Chief Claims Officer at 1ST CENTRAL, which sponsors Foundation 92, said:

“This is another excellent initiative that we’re proud to support Foundation 92 in implementing.   

“It’s fantastic to see the charity harness the inclusivity of sport to help individuals develop both their physical and mental wellbeing, and we hope to hear some great success stories throughout the 12-week programme.”

If you want to book a place on the next course visit efltrust.com/FITFANS, email fitfans@foundation92.co.uk or call 07596 326 184.