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Foundation 92Community connectors Cameron and Ewan have been working tirelessly over the past six weeks to help deliver thousands of hours’ worth of free-to-access community health improvement sessions in partnership with Foundation 92.   

As a Foundation, we are committed to developing a workforce that offers young people from within the local community the opportunity to gain life-changing qualifications, access to work experience in their chosen industry and find routes into employment.

Through our Community Connector programme, we have been able to provide young people like Cameron and Ewan the chance to participate in a 12-month mentored personal development and leadership skills course to enable them to instil positive change within Salford.

Alongside delivering physical activity sessions and other community lifestyle events, each connector works towards a nationally recognised qualification to help them further their career opportunities and to continue supporting other young people in the local area.

With Foundation 92, each connector has the chance to sample all aspects of our community work in order to develop a range of transferable skills and transition comfortably into onward education and/or employment.

Cameron said:

“I’ve really enjoyed working with young people throughout the summer. It’s been really important for them because I’ve always thought, even without COVID, that kids must get out and do some form of physical exercise.  

“Even though they’ve been socially distanced, they’ve been able to see and speak to one and other and take part in sport, which has benefitted them both physically and mentally. 

“Through the sessions and delivering the food parcels with support of Emmaus, it’s really opened my eyes even wider to some of the challenges people are facing in the area that we live in. When you’re working in the area that you’re from, you have an even deeper connection with the people because you can relate to them.”

Ewan added:

“I’ve really enjoyed working with other coaches and people who have the same interests as me. Delivering the food parcels was great, because you get a genuine reaction out of people and it shows what it really means to them and it makes a difference to their day.  

“It’s really rewarding because it really makes you feel like you’re part of the community. You get to experience what they’re experiencing and the fact that you get to help out – even something as small as just giving some food for a few days – it really does make a difference and makes you feel good. 

“I’m really happy because it’s a great experience and a good opportunity; not many people get to do things like coaching and delivering food parcels and, to me, it was worth taking that opportunity and I’m glad I have.”