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Foundation 92

Foundation 92 is proud to announce an exciting new charitable partnership with Bupa Foundation. The partnership will launch a health improvement programme aimed at helping families in Salford live longer, healthier and happier lives.

The Bupa Foundation has pledged a grant of £15,000 to support the programme, which will directly support local families by encouraging them to make changes to lead healthier and more positive lifestyles.

Each family referred onto the programme will be provided with the opportunity to participate in an individualised and tailored development journey, empowering them to make informed decisions around their wellbeing.

Furthermore, participants will be offered the chance to take part in mentored family fitness classes to develop their skillset, confidence and ability to take part in physical activity independently within the community.

Wayne Close, Chair of the Greater Manchester Bupa Foundation Community Committee said:

“We’re delighted to support this programme and we believe that the holistic approach to supports whole families is a unique one. Working together with Foundation 92 we can help lots of families to make positive changes and achieve and maintain better physical and mental wellbeing.”

More than 40 families will be referred to the programme courtesy of a range of partners including Salford Health Improvement Service, Salford Youth Service and supporting Third Sector partners.

The course will be implemented over a 12-month period with each family receiving a free weekly healthy meal pack to continue their education in the comfort of their own homes.

Head of Foundation 92 Tom Hutton said:

“Together with Bupa Foundation, we’re committed to providing Salford residents with the chance to make healthy and positive lifestyle changes.

“With the launch of this innovative programme, Foundation 92’s dedicated Health Improvement Officers will provide families facing hardship and inequality, often through no fault of their own, with the opportunity to take part in an educational experience that will hopefully lead to a healthier lifestyle!”