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Foundation 92 staff delivering essential parcels to Greater Manchester residents during the Coronavirus pandemicFoundation 92 is pleased to have been awarded an additional £4,500 grant from Forever Manchester to continue the free essential parcel delivery service across Salford and Greater Manchester.

Since the start of 2021, the Foundation has delivered in excess of 1,500 parcels and has now gratefully accepted funding from Forever Manchester to ensure that free essential packs can continue to be offered to families across the local community.

The free packs include items such as tinned fruit and vegetables, pasta, tuna, chocolate, milk, breakfast bars, crisps, toilet rolls, additional sanitary products and plenty more.

The delivery of the essential parcels and Bupa Foundation supported activity packs have been an important element within Foundation 92’s COVID-19 community recovery and support scheme, and therefore keeping such an influential initiative running for as long as possible is pivotal.

Additionally, we are continuing our wider support programmes alongside the essential pack deliveries. These packs do not only allow people who are vulnerable to stay safe at home, but they facilitate the opportunity for Foundation 92 staff to have a much-needed conversation with people who may be facing loneliness, linked to their isolation.

Tom Hutton, Head of Foundation 92, said:

“Given the challenges faced by many families and members of the community throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, Foundation 92 are delighted to continue to support our communities to lead a healthy, positive and engaged lifestyle”

“Thanks to the support of Forever Manchester, we are now able to deliver an additional 600 essential packs out to the community. We also aim to bring these families closer to our line of support programmes as we are able to deliver additional face to face services.”

Rachel Hirst, Head of Communities, Forever Manchester, said:

“We are immensely proud to support community-focused organisations like Foundation 92 who have been willing to step forward to make a difference in their local community, helping others in whatever way they can during the pandemic. 

“We’d like to say a huge thank you to everyone involved at Foundation 92 who have gone above and beyond to deliver essential parcels and activity packs to local people and families.”