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Lionesses captain Feiruz Abdullahi has been top scorer in all three seasons at the Club.

Ahead of Sunday’s Vitality Women’s FA Cup first round qualifying match against Curzon Ashton we spoke to captain Feiruz Abdullahi!

Feiruz, our first FA Cup game of the season is this Sunday. Are you looking forward to it?

I’m very excited to play in the FA Cup this Sunday. I feel more relaxed and less nervous compared to our first time playing last season.

We have faced Curzon Ashton before and we’ve always found it a competitive fixture. Are you expecting that again this time round? 

It will definitely be a tough game. Having played with some of the players from Curzon whilst I was at City its safe to say they’re a team full of experience. But I believe in the squad we have this year as we have enough depth to win the game.

We’ve faced Curzon a couple times now. One moment that sticks out is when you scored the last minute goal winning game. Are you hoping to have that much of an impact in Sunday’s game? 

Being a striker it’s part of my job to score the goals and if I can recreate that again I would be thrilled. Hopefully we won’t leave it too late like last time. I’m feeling very positive going into this game with the hopes to score a hat trick in an FA Cup tie.

How has the team been preparing for this? 

We have had a great preseason and recruited some great players who have added strength and depth to the squad. The training sessions have been enjoyable and high paced. The new staff Nathan, Rory, Ollie and Jack have fit perfectly into the squad.

How are you feeling being captain this season? 

It’s still a learning experience. Every time I put the armband on it doesn’t feel real. Being a captain in my eyes is being a leader and playing as a striker it’s in my nature to lead from the front and lead the team to victory.

For you personally, what are your targets for this season and for the FA Cup?

Personally I would like to get 20 plus goals this season with 10 assists and win the league with the team. The FA Cup is a big competition and I hope we get through as many rounds as we can to reach the stage to play some of the teams in the FA WSL. It would be a dream come true if we faced Arsenal Women, one of the big favourites, being an Arsenal fan myself it’ll be an added bonus.

Finally, spectators are allowed back at games! Are you excited to have your family watching you for competitive fixtures? 

I can’t wait to welcome back the spectators. When we’re out on the pitch they give us that edge to get over the finish line. My mum and dad are my biggest inspiration. Even when they couldn’t come out to watch properly they would still attend and root for me from the car. When I’m playing I don’t just play for myself but for my family too and to make them proud in every way.

KO is 14:00 at Partington Sports Village, entry is free for spectators so why not head down to watch! Live coverage will also be on Twitter.