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Foundation 92 is delighted to announce the support of the National Lottery Community Fund, with a £10,000 donation enabling the charity to deliver an enhanced one-to-one support programme to families in Salford and Trafford.  

This initiative aims to improve the communication skills, money-management, digital inclusion and employability skills of each participating family through a strong, intrinsic and sustained support network.

Through the support of Salford City Council and Trafford Council, Foundation 92 will be able to support more than 25 families with this bespoke and tailored support programme, once lockdown restrictions have been lifted and the Government deems it safe to resume.

We will be working alongside other third-sector partners and local schools to give families in need our advice, guidance and support to help them lead healthier, happier and more sustainable lives.

Tom Hutton, Head of Foundation 92, said:

“I’m delighted we’ve got the support of the National Lottery Community Fund for this programme. It’s vital that this kind of opportunity is available to local families, especially given the impact of COVID-19, so I’m really happy that we can offer this initiative. 

“With the pressures on the statute service and families on a whole, this programme will allow Foundation 92’s mentors to support families to make informed and positive choices around their lifestyles and help them to move forward as a community.” 

Jonathan Guy, Chief Claims Officer at 1ST CENTRAL, which sponsors Foundation 92, said:

“We’re delighted to be supporting Foundation 92 in their efforts to bring specialised one-to-one support to families in the local area.  

“The significant impact of Covid-19 has made issues such as money-management and communication even more challenging, so we hope this new initiative will help these families take positive steps towards a more sustainable lifestyle.”