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Salford City changing roomsAn era came to an end at Salford City today as the “iconic” portakabin changing rooms left The Peninsula Stadium.

Initially purchased by Chairman Karen Baird in the EvoStik NPL First Division North, they were an important investment to help the club with ground grading. The blocks served their purpose for the next seven years until finally being retired in March 2019 as the new facilities in the South Stand opened.

However it is not the end for the changing rooms as they have been donated to Manchester League side Heywood St. James. The Phoenix Ground was once graced by Kieran Glynn and Andrew Dawson, and the changing rooms will now hopefully give them a platform to build further upon.

Heywood St. James Chairman Danny Dyson said: “Our old changing rooms are just gone, they’ve just fallen apart, the windows are falling out so they’re ideal, perfect.

“It’s good for us so thank you to Salford, we’re one of the oldest teams in the country, 1882 we were formed. We’ve got lights from Old Trafford, we won a competition because Duncan Edwards made his debut against Heywood St. James for United.”

Good luck to Heywood St. James for the upcoming 2019-20 season!

Salford City changing rooms